Wednesday, January 7, 2009

curtain call.

Thank you everyone who ever read this blog for not crushing my belief that my children are exciting and I’m fascinating and all that. Thank you for the pleasure your caresses to my ego have given me. I hope you each get to enjoy the depth and dimension that parenthood adds to your existence. I am closing this blog now.

I intend to start another soon. I want to do something with all the random thoughts that pop into my head. Although I’m sure I will yap about the oddest things, I hope I can have your company there.


Esi W. Cleland said...

aww come on. you can't just stop blogging without offering us, the faithful readers any explanations. Well, okay, we'll get over it. Can we have the new blog really soon, please?

Paa Kwesi said...

Yeah--I mean how come? And just as I discovered it too :)

You know you could make it a private blog and invite only a few readers? Or you could write it in French or Fanti so the audience is restricted? (obviously I'm ingratiating myself as a de facto member of this 'approved' audience :) )

The problem with living so far away is not being able to experience this in color and having to read blogs to learn about the joys and more of how friends and family are coming along in life. So yeah I will be among the happy ones when you raise the curtain and come back for an encore.

Afehyia pa so!